Welcome! Bonvenon!

We are a group of people in Edmonton who are affiliated with the Canadian Esperanto Association. We meet regularly to learn, speak, and enjoy the international language Esperanto.

We meet most Tuesdays at 7:00 pm, in the Strathcona Public Library at 8331 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB (2nd floor). Look for a sign saying "Edmontona Esperanto-Societo", or contact us to let us know you're coming.

What is Esperanto ?

Esperanto is a language created in 1887 by a Polish doctor named Zamenhof. The main objective of Esperanto is to serve as a common auxiliary language, fostering more effective and fair international communication. The Esperanto movement also supports linguistic diversity, democracy, human emancipation, and a global culture for peace.

Esperanto is regular and relatively easy to learn, and is currently used by a worldwide community estimated at over one million speakers. Esperanto is employed in world travel, correspondence, cultural exchange, conventions, literature, language instruction, radio broadcasting, and more.

Popular Downloads:

[2008-01-06]: We have scanned Dr. Benson's 1932 "Universala Esperanto Metodo" and are making it available in 20-page PDF downloadables.

[2009-01-23]: We are making available a new version of the textbook and an answer key that we have written for Ivy Kellerman's Esperanto course.

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