Ivy Kellerman's Esperanto Textbook

The Textbook

This is a version of the Esperanto textbook, "A Complete Grammar of Esperanto", by Ivy Kellerman. This version was edited by the Edmonton Esperanto Society (EES).

The .pdf files are produced from LaTeX source. This was derived from the data at Project Gutenberg and from .pdf images of the original textbook.

The new book is not an exact duplicate. Of course the pagination is different. And there are some deliberate changes: some footnotes are moved into the main text; and the stories and exercises are formed into paragraphs.

No doubt there may be accidental changes, too. If you find errors or omissions, please inform the EES.

The colour version of the .pdf file sometimes uses colour to distinguish between Esperanto and English text: green for Esperanto, blue for English.

The Answer Key

EES has created an answer key for the text up to Lesson 38 here (updated 2023-04-23):

We working through completing the rest of the chapters in the the course.

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