Welcome! Bonvenon!

We are a group of people in Edmonton who enjoy speaking and connecting with others in the international language Esperanto.
We are part of the Esperanto-Alberta Meetup group and meet via Zoom every Tuesday at 7:00 pm. For details, check out this site:

Esperanto-Alberta Meetup

What is Esperanto ?

Esperanto is a language that was carefully planned to be as easy as possible to learn. (It is much easier to learn than any of the major languages English, Mandarin, Spanish etc.) It was introduced with the hope that it would be studied worldwide and serve as a common auxiliary language, fostering more effective and fair international communication. The Esperanto movement also supports linguistic diversity, democracy, human emancipation, and a global culture for peace.

What makes it so easy?

  • Esperanto grammar is simple and regular with no exceptions. (No irregular verbs!)
  • The spelling is completely phonetic and syllabic stress is consistent. Once the rules have been learned, there is no doubt about pronunciation.
  • A logical system of adding prefixes, suffixes and grammatical endings to a relatively small number of roots builds an easily-learned vocabulary of thousands of words from only hundreds of word parts.

Who speaks Esperanto?

Esperanto is currently used by a worldwide community estimated at over one million speakers. The World Esperanto Association has members in 120 countries. Esperanto is employed in world travel, correspondence, cultural exchange, business, conventions, literature, language instruction, radio broadcasting, and more.

Popular Downloads:

We have scanned Dr. Benson's 1932 "Universala Esperanto Metodo" and are making it available in 20-page PDF downloadables.

We are making available a new version of the textbook and an answer key that we have written for Ivy Kellerman's Esperanto course.

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